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Solutions adapted to each need in order to secure your business relationships with your customers, providers, employees, tenants ...

2020, New year = new identity For 20 years now

RESOCOM a 100% French company, innovates on the KYC and particularly reinforces its expertise on international identity media.
In order to enter a new technological era, RESOCOM asserts its new visual identity.

Your job, Our expertise

➞ Our services are aimed at different categories and company profiles:
Counter fraudulent acts through RESOCOM services.
1.200M € 1.2 billion euros. It is the amount of fraud, on a sample of avoided risks, estimated in 2019 for our customers. *


Financial institutions are subject to the KYC obligations. Our awareness-raising actions allow us to acquire good reflexes and the culture of doubt in the face of regulatory risks as well as an ethical approach within the framework of KYC.

We produce modules specific to your needs at your request.

Find out about the different players in financial institutes who can benefit from RESOCOM services.


As KYC experts, we have been analyzing identity and administrative supports for more than 20 years.

Our departments now control several million documents per year. We are ready to assist you in automating your trials in order to secure your relationships by speeding up the decision-making process. Helping to establish a relationship of trust by protecting your interests is our priority. Reduce operational risk with our services accessible in the SaaS mode or through web services.


Thanks to millions of documents checked per year, we now have the largest database of statistics on the most defrauded media, their geographic location, their diffusion by distribution network and more.

Thanks to our expertise, the certificates we issue following its analysis through our ResoScan tool have probative value in front of the court of law.

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A range of IT Services

Leader and expert in the enrollment processes, AI has enabled us for the past 20 years to automate the risk analysis of suspect documentary media in a standard environment. RESOCOM provides access to a highly secure service platform in the SaaS mode as well as easy-to-use web APIs while constantly adapting the technological developments integrated over the years.

Business Intelligence

Precursor in KYC analysis, ResoScan associated with GeoLoc, two complementary modules, allow to manage regulatory risk, to have statistics by agency, organization and by group whilst being able to visualize in real time. These solutions are capable of and providing the typology, the origin and the quality of the documents at risk, an automatically mutualized and geo-localized risk.

Expertise on demand

Pioneer in documentary expertise, RESOCOM supports its customers in an in-depth analysis. A network of experts participates in the manual completion of information in addition to the automatic analysis.