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Frequently asked questions

What is ResoScan?

This service allows the control of an identity document via a scanned document. After validation of the checked data, a certificate of conformity is issued.

What is a Certificate of Conformity?

At the end of each check on the RESOCOM portal, a Certificate of Conformity is issued, containing the information of the standard document checked, the check points carried out on this document, and the information of the user who carried out the check.

This certificate serves as proof that the check has been carried out and can be used as proof in the event of a complaint.

Which identity documents should I use when entering into a relationship?

When you check a file when you first contact us, it is strongly recommended that you give priority to the following identity documents:

– The French national identity card

– The INC for nationals of European Union member countries,

– The residence permit issued by the French authority

– The passport accompanied by the Schengen VISA for citizens of the European Union Schengen.

What is an alert?

This tool allows the fraud unit to manage the documents put on alert in its network. Through this additional service, the fraud unit can carry out a second verification of the document and thus confirm the alert, remove any doubt in the event of an input error, or call directly on the ResoExpert service in the event of persistent doubt.

What is the Reso database?

This database gathers all the documents alerted by the community.

What is a forgery?

Unauthorized copying or reproduction of an authentic secure document.

What is a fancy or apocryphal document?

This type of document has no legal existence and plays on the ignorance of the control authorities.

What is a standard document?

It is a standardized document that complies with rules approved by the official authorities of the country in charge of issuing the document.

What is a falsification?

What we call a falcification is a generic term for descriptions of the following types of documents: – forgery – falsification – pseudo-document.

Since it is no longer a question of describing the security features of a genuine document, the database applies this term

What is a fake?

Unauthorized alteration of part of an authentic document. The original state has therefore been altered. In this case, observe the document carefully, consult the VeriFy database and check the security.

What is a Visa?

A visa allows its holder to travel to the country he or she wishes to visit or settle in. There are different types (A, B, C, D) which grant different rights. A = V.T.A for Airport Transit Visa (does not allow entry into the country, but only passage through the international area of the airport, to go to another country),B = for business travel (business),C = tourism, D = settlement visa. May allow the issuance of a residence permit.