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With RESOCOM EXPERIENCE you benefit from a global offer of expertise of more than 20 years for a complete business offer going from the front office operator to the compliance department and you can manage your activity with confidence and efficiency.

Our solutions meet your needs

Easily and efficiently check the compliance of an identity or administrative document when you enter into a relationship. RESOCOM Suite offers you access to our Verify, VeriConsult, ResoScan data monitoring and recovery solutions.
Take advantage of a simple and easily adaptable use to your workflow in a few steps: Document scan, Data recovery, Verifications and consistency of the MRZ tape, Obtaining the certificate of compliance.
Manage your alerts, monitor your teams, track your usage with our monitoring and reporting solution dedicated to your activity offered by RESOCOM Business intelligence: Géoloc to analyze the behavior of controlled parts as well as the number of occurrences to identify an unusual number of consultations on a document, Alerts to consult a database concerning the controlled documents and VeriStat to follow usage statistics and analyze team activity.
In case of questions or doubts about a particular document, take advantage of our human expertise offer thanks to our Form'Expert solution.
Offer your teams the opportunity to benefit from qualitative training adapted to your business needs in terms of document security, detection of fraud, usurpation and counterfeiting, RESOCOM intervenes on site providing the quintessence of its experience.

Discover ResoScan

Automatic verification of identity and administrative documents from scanned documents. With ResoScan, you no longer have to enter data manually, although this remains an option. ResoScan acts on the recovery of data for administrative documents but also reads the reading of the MRZ tape, OCR recognition of the MRZ.

Need a tailor-made offer?

At RESOCOM, we perfectly know the businesses needs.

In order to offer you a personalized and fluid experience in your workflow, do not hesitate to contact us for any specific development request for a RESOCOM experience tailored to your needs.

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